Cashcrate Review

Cashcrate Review

Cashcrate is definitely a great website for those that are similar with how GPT sites work, and the best part is that you can get payments in cash, which is great if you’re the type that needs to save up. For me, I’m in college and textbooks are KILLER on my bank account, so knowing I’m getting cash instead of points is awesome.

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So what is, exactly? is a highly-reputable GPT site with millions of users worldwide. Here is my review of was created in 2006, and they currently have over 2 million members worldwide.

  • Cashcrate is a GPT site (GPT means “Get Paid To”), and it’s a website where you get paid in cash to do various things, such as take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, etc.
  • Once you complete a task, you get paid a small amount of money. Each task can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’re doing.
  • Surveys tend to take the longest, but pay the most, while cash tasks pay the least but are the easiest.
  • Cash Tasks consist of things like searching on Google, or giving your opinion on a picture.

Along with earning cash, there is also an option to get points. You can use points for a various amount of gift cards listed on their prize page. Out of all the GPT sites I’ve seen so far, Cashcrate offers the least amount of prizes. However, since their primary currency is actual cash, it balances out.

What are the requirements for

In order to join Cashcrate, you will need:

To be at least 13 years old.

That’s basically it. I tried to do some additional research for you guys to see if you needed to be living in a certain country, but I couldn’t find anything useful. Sorry! All I know is that if you’re from a country where their primary language is English (United States, England, Canada, etc.), you will get the most survey and offer invites.

What are Cashcrate’s payment methods?

Until you reach Silver status (more on the ranking system later), you will only be able to accept payments via check. After that, more options will open for you. As of August 2014, they have the following payment methods:

  1. Mailed Check
  2. PayPal
  3. Direct Deposit

Cashcrate pays its users once a month, with the dates and frequencies changing depending on your user rank. You will also need to have at least $20.00 in your account before you get paid. If for that month you do not reach $20.00, your earnings will roll over to the next month until you reach the threshold.

How much money can I earn with Cashcrate?

Like what I mentioned before, it depends on what type of activity your doing on the website. Typically, surveys pay anywhere from $0.25 to $2.00, depending on the length of it.

Offers pay about the same and don’t take nearly as long, but they’re quite buggy and you will have to use your personal information, such as address and phone number.

Videos and Cash Tasks take the shortest amount of time but pay a pretty abysmal amount – $0.02 to $0.10, sometimes more, but that’s the average. I personally don’t do videos and cash tasks as the payments are too little to be worth my time, but if you enjoy the simplicity of the work, you can try them out. The small cents can really add up over time.

Is Cashcrate’s Referral System any good?

Cashcrate has a pretty solid referral system. It’s a two-level referral system, so you earn a partial amount from the people you refer, and a smaller amount from the people that your referrals refer. When you first start at the Bronze rank, you can only earn if you referral makes $10.00. When they reach that point, you automatically get $3.00.

There is another payment option to get $1.00 simply if your referral is “active” (if they complete a survey or offer), which is the better of the two options. However, this option won’t open up for you until you reach silver.

My personal referring results

I don’t know why, but I’m actually earning a surprising amount on Cashcrate from referrals even though I don’t actively promote the website. I get anywhere from $30.00 to $50.00 from referrals  every month. Currently, I have 874 first level referrals with 197 active (a 21% active rate), and I am Gold Ranked.

About Cashcrate’s Ranking System’s User Rankings are divided into several levels. Cashcrate has a ranking system which they call Referral Levels. The more people you refer to (via your referral link), the higher your level. Right now, the levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite, achieved in that exact order. Each rank comes with benefits, such as higher offer commissions, earlier payout times, and weekly payment options.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, you can only increase in rank by referring, so if you’re not a referrer you will be stuck in bronze.

Proof of Earnings

  1. Cashcrate Payment Proof 1
  2. Cashcrate Payment Proof 2
  3. Cashcrate Payment Proof 3

Cashcrate Review – Final Thoughts

Cashcrate is a solid GPT website. It has a clean layout that is easily navigable, they pay on time every month, and they have a great referral system.

Hell, honestly, if I wasn’t so invested in Points2Shop already I would have joined Cashcrate over P2S.

I highly recommend joining if you’re looking for a website like this one.

My Rating

  • User Friendliness: 5/5
  • Customer Support: 3/5
  • Earnings Potential: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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