Clearvoice Surveys Review

ClearVoice Surveys Clearly Shine – All Cash Rewards and Every Survey Pays!

The Clear Voice Surveys Online Survey Panel is a refreshing change from the typical online survey company. Most will send you invitations and if you take the prescreener, qualify and complete the survey, you may be entered into a drawing, receive points or a cash reward. But, Clear Voice Surveys so values your time and participation that they provide cash rewards for all surveys and will even pay you a small amount (generally 25 cents) for surveys you fail to qualify for!

That is actually what prompted this post. I received two invites, one for a beverage survey and another for an automobile survey. The prescreeners were very brief – just a few questions. I was surprised when I was thanked and told that 25 cents was being credited to my account. How considerate of ClearVoice to give me a small token of appreciation just for attempting to qualify! Even those small amounts can add up and help you reach the point of redemption sooner.

Clear Voice Surveys is a market research company that is headquartered out of Denver, Colorado and they conduct online paid surveys for leading companies in all sectors of industry, from health care to technology to consumers goods, etc. You can join their online panel if you are at least 13 years of age and this is one survey company with panelists worldwide!

It is free to join the Clear Voice Surveys Online Opinion Panel. Here, you earn cash rewards – not just a chance to win in a sweepstakes! Each survey can range in value from $1 to $20 typically. Remember, they even pay a small token (25 cents) even if you are not eligible to take the actual survey – so screeners pay! Once you have accumulated at least $10, you can redeem your rewards. ClearVoice offers the following options currently:

  1. They have partnered with Payoneer and you can receive a prepaid debit Mastercard with your earnings on it. ($10)
  2. Receive a $25 dining gift certificate by Dining Dough (your cost is $10).
  3. Receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate (your cost is $10).

To get started, just complete the application form. You will need to provide an email. I have recommended in the past, and it works well for me, that you set up a separate email just for surveys and add “svy” to the name to make it easy to remember. After joining, you will next need to complete your profiling surveys. These are general and collect information about you, your interests, work, etc. to help match you for future survey invitations. Be sure to complete these in their entirety.

When it appears you are a good match for a survey, you will receive an invitation by email. I recommend that you check your survey email box frequently.

Surveys fill up quickly (especially the higher paying ones), so check at least daily to stay on top of new arrivals. Here is a sample of what an invitation will look like. As you can see, it states the topic, as well as the potential reward. If you are interested you can proceed by clicking on the button.

If you have a busy web site or blog, Clear Voice also offers an affiliate program that requires an application. Affiliate earnings are paid via check or debit card. See the site for more information.

So, those are the details. This survey company clearly shines, paying for prescreening qualifiers and offering cash rewards you can receive by debit card! I like that my time is valued and I know you will too. Click this link to join the Clear Voice Surveys Online Opinion Panel and get paid for sharing your opinions with companies worldwide!

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