Focus Forward Online

Become a Focus Forward Online Panelist and Get Paid for Surveys, Focus Groups and More!

When you join the Focus Forward Online panel, you can earn cash for sharing your opinion with companies to help them better their products and services.

Focus Forward has two options, both online and offline. Online requires Internet access (so I know you are set and ready to go), enrollment is quick and easy and you can earn anywhere from $1 to $5, or a chance for a prize, for completing surveys online. Offline requires that you provide a little more information, but enrollment still only will take about 5 minutes, and you will be notified of focus groups, special studies, product tests or phone interviews you may be suited for.

The compensation here soars – from $75 to $250 cash (the numbers are higher in the members section if you are wondering about the difference) for your time and cooperation! You may ask: “Yea, but do they really send out invites?”

They sure do! I just signed up with them several weeks ago and I received the following invitation for an offsite study. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected based on my responses. Naturally, the more surveys and groups you sign up for, the greater your chances of qualifying, and when you do – Cha Ching! This one was for 1 hour and paid $100!!! I would suggest signing up with both divisions. You can pick and choose which invites you want to answer, and you may just get a high paying invitation that is right up your alley!

After joining, you need to complete the enrollment form. Then, when you appear to meet a client’s demographics, you will receive invitations via email.

Usually you will need to answer prescreening questions first. If you satisfy those requirements, you can then complete the survey and receive the specified reward. Focus Forward will pay you cash, via check, when you request payment from the members area and you must have a minimum of $10 in your account. You have 12 months to request payment of accrued amounts or they will be forfeited.

Focus Forward Online is US based and has panels for:

*C Level Executives *Consumers *IT Professionals *Medical
*Small Business Owners *Legal *Teens *And many more

You can log directly into the members area to check for surveys. Be sure to complete any profile builders in your members area – these collect information about specific topics to help in matching you with surveys and studies. Focus Forward Online has a strict privacy policy and your information will not be sold to any third parties.

Focus Forward will even pay you $2 for each friend you refer who becomes a panelist and who completes their first survey. They have a convenient email feature, but you can also send a custom letter and generate a link for that individual to join through. Unfortunately, the system requires a unique link be generated for each individual who joins – unlike most affiliate programs.

If you would like to join Focus Forward, I would certainly appreciate you joining through my link. I am going to paste in 5 links. If you join, leave a comment letting me know which link you joined through so that I can delete it and replace it. If you prefer to join directly without being a referral, just click on the very last link. Thanks so much!