Swagbucks Review – Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks Review – Is Swagbucks Legit?

SwagBucks is so far my favorite online rewards program. It’s owned and operated by Prodege and was first launched February 25th 2008.

Swagbucks has paid over 89 million worth of rewards to it’s members. They start you off with a $5 bonus when you first sign up and also offers a great range of rewards.

Watch this video for swagbucks review and sign up link.

The design and layout of this site is not only fresh and trendy but motivating as well. It’s easy to maneuver and pretty much straight forward. They offer you great rewards for doing basically anything on the internet. You make money by browsing the internet just as you normally would.

Check out this video on YouTube for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y5yT0Z-Lts

Here’s the Screen Shot of My Swagbucks Survey Profile 🙂

There’s several ways to earn this rewards but just like any other survey site, for you to make a good sum of money, you need to stay active by actually engaging in these activities.

Participating in surveys and offers – The paid surveys are pretty easy and straightforward. But their offers are even better. You get awarded major points for completing them, anywhere between 60 – 3000 SwagBucks.

Engaging in fun games – They have all sorts of games. You choose the ones you want to play and each time you win you earn Swag Bucks.

Watching videos – It’s quite simple, you get paid to watch promotional videos.

Swagbucks search engine – Browse the internet using this search engine and gain easy Swag Bucks.

Referrals – Referring your friends and colleagues to join this program is another way of earning points, but they have to stay active in order for you to actually earn
Swag Bucks.

Shopping – Get amazing discounts by shopping through Swagbucks. They post daily deals on the site and every time you shop they award you point for it.

Completing tasks, sweepstakes entries, posting pictures or clips, shopping, voting in polls and making use of vouchers and social networks such as Facebook.

Most paid surveys sites tend to be boring but Swagbuck’s surveys and activities tend to be quite fun. Forget about falling asleep halfway through ridiculously long surveys.

You get points for offers and surveys ranging somewhere from 1 to 2,500(1 Swag Buck = $0.01) which are redeemable for rewards (cash being one of them) at the Swag Market. You can redeem your points for as low as 85 Swag Bucks through various gifts cards and 2500 points ($25) if you prefer cash, through PayPal.

This is a great survey site that I definitely recommend.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!